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There comes a time, in the face of great discomfort and uncertainty, where one is obligated to stand in defiance against an established rule-set with which they may be conflicted. Social contracts are a necessity for organization and the development of civilization.

Cultures and societies — as well as governments — can be rendered obsolete — or inferior — as our species & technology advances, progressing our understandings of where we find ourselves amongst one another. Where one might find the rules by which they abide by no longer serve them, but constrain and oppress.

“Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals, seems only to pass into excess of slavery.”- Plato, The Republic

Today, the state enjoys this excess liberty.

Today, the state has unfettered access to our data.

Today, the state has the power of our time.

Today, the state has the power of our attention.

Today, the state has the power over our future.

245 years ago the world was saturated with authoritarian and aristocratic government rule… a select few chose to sacrifice the comforts of the now as they saw the seemingly insurmountable task of attempting to secure the freedoms for the future as a worthy cause. A future that was not a guaranteed victory to be experienced within their lifetime. But a worthy cause nonetheless.

Where a handful American Colonists stood tall against tyranny, as the rest of the world watched-on.

Where the few resisted the many, against all odds and resources at their behest.

With sheer force of will, tenacity and spirit, the underdogs refused to surrender as they knew they fought for what was right and true.

We find ourselves at a very similar crossroads, yet again. We do not know what precisely is happening to our world. But we see many people across the world sacrificing their rights, and the rights of their neighbors in the search of “security” and comfort. This is where we find great opportunity — in the face of uncertainty and discomfort.

We have an opportunity to stand, again, for what is right.

Only this time, we aren’t limited to any one nation, or one geography. Through technological advancement we — as a people united on a global scale — can call for action taken together.

Only this time we can unite in a cause where all benefit, without need for violent revolution.

This time we cut the tether between money and state.

“Nothing else in the world… not all the armies… is so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” - Victor Hugo, The Future of Man

There comes a time... when an individual is presented with a choice; whether they play a role in history as progress is knocking at their door, or they resist change and defend “the old ways.”