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I wandered lonely as an investor

That floated around the mining sector

First came Hut 8, Riot, Argo and Hive

Barely struggling to remain alive

Waiting for them to have bloomed

2021 was the year they mooned

Along came Marathon, DMG and Bitfarms

These new names had their charms

But Marathon and DMG wanted to block transactions

Only to feel the wrath of the user reactions

The stream of names seemed almost everlasting

Bit Digital, BIT Mining, Digihost, CleanSpark, Mawson, Cathedra and Cipher Mining

Then there was the China ban

Causing a dash into America, Russia and Kazakhstan

Only a few would have lingered on

They had to remain hidden or they were gone

Bitmain, MicroBT and Canaan seem mostly fine

But in the future they could be on the line

Toward the end of the year there was a wave of new big names

Core Scientific, Stronghold and Greenidge with ambitious aims

There is more to come in this vein

With private capital desperate to gain

Suddenly many choices available now

Leaving outsiders wondering how

I'm not so lonely anymore

Clamor and crowds at the proverbial door

2021 was a sensational year

And now we sit back for some Christmas cheer

As for what we expect for 2022

Wider dispersion of returns and positive skew

And to each reader, old and new,

A Merry Christmas to each of you