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It’s 2022. Not even the first quarter is in the books, yet what word would I use to describe it so far?


People are feeling squeezed in many different matters by many different forces, like the squeeze of COVID-19 mandates from governments encroaching upon sovereign individuals. Some of those people are squeezing those same governments through blockades in their capitals. Those governments are reacting by squeezing the fiat of demonstrators through frozen bank accounts. Countries are feeling squeezed by others that threaten them with the proximity of weapons and militaries. They then react by squeezing their neighbor out of their own lands. And all people in the world are feeling the squeeze of their fiat that is either rapidly inflating, sanctioned or both.

In these times of intense pressure, the filter of “ain’t no one got time for that” is turned up to the max on people’s emotional barometers. There is less patience for fluff, empty promises, scams and frivolity. It is in times like these that the true cornerstones of civilization are discovered. Only when the opposite force of the squeeze arises — the Freedom, the Protest, the Shelter — can we progress toward a greater world.

The Declaration of Monetary Independence is not a petition for people to cry out to their superiors, demanding mercy. Petitions are forms for political influence and that is something that is simply unnecessary in this regard. And if it were a petition, it surely would not be called a “Declaration.” These statements are made without an appeal to any authority beyond the individual sovereignty possessed by every human being.

This document summarizes a problem with the strongest fiat unit in the world, the U.S. dollar, with 27 points of contention. To many in the silver-spoon nations of the West, the greatest challenge is to see and believe that the incumbent system is dying. The Cantillon effect greatly benefits all of American society, even its poorest members, and this blinds them to the fact that citizens outside of America are being robbed of their wealth to an even larger degree.". These problems make themselves evident in other countries as hyperinflation or intense foreign exchange volatility, and impair the ability for the common person to make economic plans beyond the immediate future. This is a violation of humanity’s natural right to their own labor and time. This problem has grown in intensity over the last couple of years where most would assume “that could never happen here.” What we experience, and what the mainstream media call capitalism, is a lie. The current monetary policy leads to authoritarian rule and crony capitalism. This is a significant difference from the free market. Many people, including myself, are becoming increasingly aware of this real problem on the horizon — numbed as we are by the narcotic system of endless entertainment, pointless political issues and manipulative news media.

After presenting the problems with the status quo, #DoMI offers the solution in a summary of statements regarding the benefits of the Bitcoin network which is based on consensus rules, math and cryptography. The hardest part, in this time of increasing authoritarian reach and coercion, is deciding where to begin and where to end in describing the asset that could be the saving grace for sovereign individuals around the world. These 29 theses, not ordered in any significant way, seek to brush no more than the tip of the massive iceberg that is Bitcoin. The objectivity of Bitcoin’s function was also the theme for writing each declaration. #DoMI was not written because of a subjective feeling; it was written as a tribute to the existence of Bitcoin in the real world — a characteristic countless copycats fail to achieve.

The document features 55 original signatories (one short of its inspiration, the American Declaration of Independence) from Bitcoiners who hold fast to these statements and believe in the importance for the world to come to understand their meaning. This document is a special project as it truly highlights the statement “Bitcoin is for everyone” and treats all participants the same. The signatories feature retired professionals, college students and everyone in between. Even the time spent in the Bitcoin space ranges from OGs during the time of Mt. Gox to those orange-pilled in 2021. Some signatories will be on stage at Bitcoin 2022, while for others, the world will never know their real identities. Truly, I say to you, Bitcoin is based on rules, not rulers and this document epitomizes that sentiment.

This is not intended to be a relic of 2021. Rather we encourage everyone who believes in these statements to participate with their own signatures on the website. After that, reach out to others about it. Not just those who agree with you, but those who may not have connected the dots. Use #DoMI as a tool for discussion about what the Bitcoin network means for them and their loved ones. This is your call to action.

We, the authors, are excited about Bitcoin 2022 and look forward to meeting everyone that was inspired by the website. Look for a 9 foot by 12 foot version of #DoMI that will be present at Bitcoin 2022. You will be given an opportunity to sign along with thousands of other conference attendees. There will also be a presence among the booths, so keep an eye out!